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Cheat Sheet
  •  Apgujeong Rodeo Graphic on the front
  • Vintage Charcoal Wash 
  • Signature Sleeve stash Pocket 🪡 / "떨" logo embroidery 🌸
  • 100% heavyweight Cotton, 260 gsm; Standard Fit (Size up if you're in ur munchies era) 
  • Printed in California 
  • SeungHyun is 6'2" and wearing size M


Apgujeong Rodeo is THE Rodeo Drive of Seoul - if you are a Korean international student you already know the vibes. This graphic is inspired from our childhood of going to Hagwon (SAT Prep Academy) during the day and poppingcheap champagne bottles and drinking 7/11 soju packs with a c!g in hand because that's how we do it. We worked really hard (#asiangrinddontstop) on this graphic which features two asian cowboys drinking while riding horses #multitasking #getagirlwhocandoboth. We hope this artwork transports you to our favorite memories of adolescence and freedom.