• Cropped fit with double zip for easy access 
  • "Sundae" applique on front / "떨" logo applique on back 
  • Custom "떨" logo zipper puller
  • Signature Sleeve stash Pocket 🪡 with "떨" logo embroidery 🌸
  • 100% heavyweight 500 gsm cotton; slight stretch
  • Rib knit hem and cuffs 
  • Relaxed shoulders; Fits True to Size

 It's all about the details for this one. We fabric dyed our Terry fabric to get this vibrant yet muted Red, just like fresh our favorite 겉절이 (Fresh Kimchi). This is our first time doing cropped zip-up, so we're super excited to share this with y'all. This piece was designed with your horizontal habits in mind - peep the hardware, or the same fabric logo appliqué - with layers like a crepe cake! We used our classic arch logo so you can pretend like you're playing sports - but you're the captain of the Spl!ff Squad. The back features our classic "떨" logo - which is a mix of Geum badge (Seal of Korean Congress / Lawmakers) with the word “” in the middle. The irony here 😂 w33d being demonized by the authority, but our mission is to globalize w33d and give the flower the authority it deserves. 

Cheat sheet

Machine Wash Friendly
Adjustable Straps
Hang Dry

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