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Hi(gh) Sundae Family 👋🏻

We are a community.

Before being a brand, we are a community of high-achieving degenerates who break expectations & channel creativity to make the world a higher place.

Over the past years, we've been so inspired when we hear your stories and experiences about w33d and how it impacted you & your creative mind. So as your cheerleader, we wanted to share your stories - to inspire other members of our community to create high more!

Creatives come in all forms & flavors - whether you are an accountant who crochets during your commute, a tattoo artist and a future bake-off contestant, or a service worker who is an excellent thrift hunter, all are welcome as long as you use cannabis to nurture your creativity!

What type of content can I make?

Short Answer: Whatever that shows off your creativity wearing (and or getting high with) Sundae School!

"Can I do an art time lapse video high?"
"Can I do a rug making video?"
"Can I skateboard in my Sundae School fleece?"

Yes, yes, and yes!

Our main goal is to hear your story and shine the spotlight on YOU. All we ask is for you to introduce yourself with “Hi(gh) Sundae” and let us know how and why you're a fan! Why? Bc we're curious( ̄▽ ̄)

And guess what?

You'll be dripping in Sundae

AKA we will get you $420 store credit for every content piece we collaborate on!

So, pass the "SP1FF" and share the news about

How do I apply?

Just 3 easy steps:

  1. Apply on our page
  2. Link your socials
  3. Either write a short brief on why you are an honor roller and what sort of content you want to make. For Extra Credit, link your brief/deck.
  4. Wait for a response aka Patience is a virtue

**Disclaimer – Due to the high volume of applicants it's hard for us to accept everyone's application (//>_<;''). Please be patient as we try to get through as many as possible.

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