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Cheat Sheet
  • Irezumi Graphic - classic arm tattoo style for the front, " 용호상박" scene on the back 
  • 100% Polyester - stretchy and snatchable 
  • Mid-length with elastic waistband 
  • Seungmin is 5'5" and wearing size S


CALLING ALL THE BADDIESSSS! We turned our Irezumi Fleece into a skirt for all you ABG's out there <3. Our irezumi graphic features the national flower of Korea - Hibiscus and our favorite leaf out there that gets us bl@zed. The back of the skirt features a Tiger and a Dragon - the classic korean scene "용호상박" - the most classic tattoo that all the ABGs have. We know y'all tatted baddies are hard so we made a set equally as hard as you.