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Dancheong Fleece Zip-Up

Cheat Sheet
  • Return of the Best Seller 
  • She's been sold out for a hot minute but she's back 
  • and upgraded with customer zipper pulls + 
  • new Sherpa fabric that's better than Discovery (our previous version!) 
  • Because the colors are more vibrant hither!! 
  • a little culture lesson
  • Dancheong literally means Red + Blue Green in Korean
  • Dancheong is a millenia old art form that exists in temple ceilings
  • Think Sistine Chapel but psychadelic and geometric
  • We added some counterculture gochujang into designs
  • By adding the Devil's lettuce here and there
  • but it's pretty subtle like hide and seek
  • Soft, like that expensive 3-ply TP at your therapist
  • Triple Lined - Outer Sherpa Fleece, Sponge Layer, Inner Polar Fleece Layer
  • 100% Polyester, Designed in Korea; Made in China