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[PRE-ORDER] Dancheong Fleece Zip-Up

Cheat Sheet
  • Return of the Best Seller 
  • She's been sold out for a hot minute but she's back 
  • and upgraded with customer zipper pulls + 
  • new Sherpa fabric that's better than Discovery (our previous version!) 
  • Because the colors are more vibrant hither!! 
  • a little culture lesson
  • Dancheong literally means Red + Blue Green in Korean
  • Dancheong is a millenia old art form that exists in temple ceilings
  • Think Sistine Chapel but psychadelic and geometric
  • We added some counterculture gochujang into designs
  • By adding the Devil's lettuce here and there
  • but it's pretty subtle like hide and seek
  • Soft, like that expensive 3-ply TP at your therapist
  • Triple Lined - Outer Sherpa Fleece, Sponge Layer, Inner Polar Fleece Layer
  • 100% Polyester, Designed in Korea; Made in China
  • This is a Pre-order item - it will deliver in 5-6 weeks; The factory - SunHo - said that it will ship out on 12/8, and it takes 2 weeks to cross the pacific ocean and 5 days to intake the inventory.
  • Expected Ship Out Date is 12/28-29 but it may take longer... So if that does not work for you just order later when it arrives in stock, but it may be sold out. Remember what Buddha said - patience is a virtue. Please try not to e-mail us till 12/18 - God has a plan 4 u!!!