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Kloudy Bay Fleece Zip-Up

Cheat Sheet

A little haiku to the Bay, our second home:

Bay Breeze whispers high

Ind!ca haze dance in sky

Exhale, Karl the Fog.


Bay area is where our mochis and tinies are from

and our w33d fam in Oakland, SJ, SF to San Mateo

Dressed for the day in the bay

This one is for the girlies who are always cold

Homage to our mom J Tran

Blazé queen who is a cinnamon roll

100% Polyester, Woven Patch on the Sleeve

Jacquard fabric with pointillism artwork

Depicting the genesis of our mochi gummies

Shoutout to Elefante and Donny 

Designed in California

Made in China