Brown Rivet Carpenter Sweatpants

    • Custom "ė–Ø" logo hardware on carpenter panel
    • Custom "ė–Ø" logo bungee cord on the hem to adjust the brim (jogger / loose fit)Ā 
    • Signature stash Pocket šŸŖ” / "ė–Ø" logo embroidery šŸŒø
    • 100% heavyweight 500 gsm cotton; slight stretch
    • Elasticated knit waist with drawstringsĀ 
    • Single pocket on backĀ 
    • Relaxed fit; adjustable brim with bungee cords on the hem
    • Matt is wearing a M and is 5'10/ 177 cmĀ 

    It's all about the details for this one. We had a big fight last year about how sweatpants should fit - it was split 50/ 50 with half of the team saying they should be cinched, the other half saying they should be loose. We thought - why not do both? So we re-worked our sweatpants fit so that you can have them cinched and relaxed, for your horizontal habits and the work(outs) that you put in! We spiced up the pants with some paneling and custom hardware, inspired by carpenter's pants.Ā 

    Ā Ever have that feeling "Where's my lighter? Where's my Spl33f?", but your pocket is already a jambalaya of unnecessary receipts and flower crumbs. So we made sweatpants with dedicated pockets because Marie Kondo is our Godmother. What Sparks Joy? Signature stash pocket on the leg to keep ur goodz handy on your "walks". Munchie Friendly, Heavyweight Cotton, The King of Sweatpants. So saddle up and get ready to sweat and we'll be by your side to make you water in our Uniform.Ā 

    Cheat sheet

    Machine Wash Friendly
    Organic Cotton
    Soft like Charmin
    Cozy Fit
    Adjustable Straps
    Hang Dry

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