Pieta Fleece Zip-Up

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  • Filial Piety is the 7th Commandment
  • in Sundae School's 10 Commandments 
  • Call your mother, pay respects to your ancestors
  • A little refresher
  • Sundae School is a joke - what if God was h1gh and 
  • Sm0ked the devil's lettuce to create this world! 
  • And that God is our mothers - and she's crying bc we're not doctors
  • This piece by Kwangmoo Lee pays homage to our 
  • Religious influences that has shaped us 
  • The Christian, Buddhist, Confucian
  • new Sherpa fabric that's better than Discovery (our previous version!)  
  • Soft, like that expensive 3-ply TP at your therapist
  • Triple Lined - Outer Sherpa Fleece, Sponge Layer, Inner Polar Fleece Layer
  • 100% Polyester
  • Designed in Korea
  • Made in China

Cheat sheet

Machine Wash Friendly
Soft like Charmin
Cozy Fit
Hang Dry

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