White Graffiti Logo T-shirt

$40 $52 23% Off
  • Hangul Logo Graffiti Front & BackĀ 
  • Gradient Halftone + Puff Screen printĀ 
  • 100% heavyweight cotton, 260 gsm; Standard Fit (Size up if you're in ur munchies era)Ā 
  • Made & Printed in ChinaĀ 
  • Signature Jo!nt Pocket šŸŖ”

Introducing our (Hangul) Graffiti Logo T-shirt ā€“ where tradition meets rebellion in the heart of S(e)oul. It's a jo!nt venture as the artistry of Hangul, the beautiful Korean script, intertwines with the bold, urban edge of graffiti. This T-shirt is not just a garment; it's a statement, a fusion of heritage and modernity that speaks volumes on the streets. As you don on the cultural pride with a touch of rebellious flair, your hinge match rate will increase by 4.20%.Ā 

Cheat sheet

Machine Wash Friendly
Organic Cotton
Soft like Charmin
Hang Dry

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