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Black Double Layered Checkered Lace Shorts

Cheat Sheet

I see through 넌 보일 듯 보이지 않아

said Primary (points if you get this reference)

Whenever we shm0ke we open the window to our soul

So we developed a 노방 organza fabric

with our favorite flower leaves and overlayed them with

checkered lace fabric inspired from Hanji Doors

Palatial, Regal, It’s giving Kingdom Season 3

5.5 inch inseam bc keep your thigh high

(but you also don’t wanna show too much)

Triple lined so there are no accidents re: coverage

Better than Geico

as always munchie-friendly waistband

and outer drawstring to keep them up


50% Rayon / 50% Cotton

Designed in California

Made in Korea