Sundae School's newest drop is centered around some of our favorite things: mushrooms, Hawaiian shirts, mesh shirts, comfy shorts, and silk sets. 

We shot a day in the magical life of our magic mushroom friend Ophelia Chong.

In her mushroom palace, she spends most of her day lounging in a silky matching set, inspired by traditional Korean jeogori. She also has a pool boy whose primary responsibilities is to keep her high at all times -- and of course, look good doing it. 


After they deliver on the first part of their job, they begin their other tasks. Matt's been cleaning her pool for years, but she still keeps a close eye on him every time. Tonight, she's hosting a friend so everything has to be perfect. 

He changes into his pool cleaning uniform -- fittingly, a terry polo and short set -- and gets to work. He isn't done, though, after just cleaning the pool. The garden has begun to get a bit out of hand so his next task is to get that in order before the sun sets. 

A few hours later, the hard work in the garden is over. His last task of the day is to play guitar for her as she mentally prepares for the evening. 

Her pool boy leaves, her friend arrives, and the night starts. One of Ophelia's practices is to gift all visitors with a matching silk set, so that together they can fully immerse themselves in the power of magic mushrooms. Together, they get dressed and begin their trip.