Here's a dump of all the superstitions that we as Korean-Americans grew up hearing from our Korean parents. And please note, these can't POSSIBLY be true, but there's always that tiny voice in the back of my head (probably my mother's voice) that wonders but maybe..

Here's a quick 10 off the dome...


  1. Don’t cut the tags off of your clothes while you’re wearing them bc bad luck
  2. Your blood type can influence your personality and compatibility with others
  3. It’s bad luck to stick chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice
  4. Don't whistle at night, it attracts evil spirits
  5. Don't write someone's name in red ink, it signifies death
  6. If you dream of pigs it is a good omen and can bring wealth and prosperity
  7. Don’t fall asleep with a fan running in a closed room because you can die by suffocation or hypothermia
  8. Don't gift your significant other a pair of shoes or they'll run away
  9. Washing your hair washes away good luck, especially on New Year's
  10. Sleeping with wet hair will get you sick


    Damn, did we miss any? I'm sure we did...