TIME TO CELEBRATE! Join us this 420 by learning all the different ways to enjoy God's precious gift :) Just remember...know your intentions while consuming and choose safety first. Let us know if you got around to using one of these methods, we wanna hear all about it. 



1. Joint: A classic. You should already know this. 

1-a) Cross Joint - A classic with a religious twist; Recommended for those who had burning desires while watching "Passion of the Christ"

1-b) Scorpion Joint - Another variation of the classic, but with burning ends as many as the tracklist on Drake's album. NOT to be confused with an Menorah joint. 

2. Apple Bowl:  Good students always have an apple on their desk. Make the best use of it by twisting out the stem, carving out the bowl, poking two holes (no get your mind out of the gutter), pack the bowl and smoke. An automatic teacher’s pet essential.

3. Through a Sploof: Another dorm room throwback for those who did their own laundry in college. Grab a dryer sheet, attach to an empty toilet paper roll, secure it, and blow. Fresh greens and fresh linen, an organic combo.

*Advanced Placemen - most effective when used in combination with the steaming shower method above.

4. Bong: Aka water pipe: Water provides an efficient filtration system, just as Jesus did with baptism, giving you a smooth and powerful hit.

*Advanced Placement - add ice to the water or the tube for a cooling effect.

5. Watermelon Bowl: If bigger is better for you, see above an apply with a watermelon; best in the summer. If a bong and a pipe had a small wet baby; often adopted by college students to up their bowl game.


6. Icebong: Like a bong, but everything is made out of ice ice baby. Advanced Placement: take a shot out of an ice luge and a hit out of an icebong, but responsibly so.


7. Hookah: A bong with curves, ottoman empire style. 


8. Blunts: Same as a joint, but using tobacco leaves instead of paper; usually filterless & smooth, looks like a dolma.
*Advanced Placement: Backwoods, Swisher Sweets.
9. Shotgunning: Find a cutie, have them take a hit, lock lips, breathe in their exhale. Beware: Use of tongue will diminish (or strengthen) your high ;) 


10. Gas Mask Bong: If you do this, you’re probably living in a post- apocalyptic weed censored Jeff Sessions world, or at a steampunk Burning Man party. Your portable hot box!


11. Glass Pipe: A middle school classic, available at smoke shops worldwide. Pack it, place your finger on the hole, light, inhale, let go, inhale more, exhale, repeat.

*Advanced Placement: Don’t be the douche who burns the center and cashes the bowl. Give some respect and corner the light.

12. Tinctures: Most likely to be found at a speakeasy in Bushwick. Made with high percentage alcohol, faster acting than your typical edible and great for precise dosing; Drip drip on your tongue, dishes, or in your drinks for an elevated cocktail.

13. Topical Creams: Unless you are a medical marijuana patient, a massage is probably a better bang for your buck. Supposedly great for arthritis, joint, and muscle pain, but provides no highs.

14. Transdermal Patches: Peel it, stick it, and steep it on your skin. You won’t get high but it can help with chronic pain.

15. Soda Can Pipe: You must be desperate if you’re doing this. A dirty DIY, not even worth it for the nostalgia.

16. Dissolvable Strips/Sublinguals: A fancy listerine strip, that may or may not freshen your breath.

17.Contact High:  If you’re locked in a car with people smoking joints, spliffs, or blunts, and you don’t take any hits, you’ll probably still get a buzz.


18. Water Pipe/Bubbler: If a bong and a pipe had a small wet baby; often adopted by college students to up their bowl game.

19. Grandpa's Pipe: Officially endorsed by Gandalf, a visiting professor at Sundae School.

20. Thai Sticks: If Tiki torches and spring rolls had a baby. Buds of seedless marijuana skewered on a stem or stick, rolled in THC oil, and wrapped in marijuana plant leaves.

21. Lollipops: If you bought them from that truck in SoHo, all your friends know that you actually didn’t get high, because they have no THC. Try again next time!

22. Portable Pen Vape: Best in health, best in stealth. Grab your high on the go, a Sundae School favorite.

23. Firecrackers: An American camp cult classic aka the lazy version of edibles; surprisingly effective. Traditionally made with crackers, nut butter, and ground flowers- wrap in aluminum foil and bake it up!

24. Rubber Ducky: For elevated bathtimes, but beware of carcinogens from burning plastic.

25. Edibles: Weed, but make it food. A true vers with many positions (e.g., Cannabutter, cannaoil, cannasalt) for the perfect POTluck. Start with small doses (especially freshmen), and wait an hour before the effects kick in to consume more.

26. Spliff: A joint with tobacco, the ratio of weed to tobacco is up to you! A classic amongst European/Asian cultures. 

27. Kief Joint: Cash in on your kief, sprinkle it in, and roll it up.

28. Hash: Dab it, smoke it, sprinkle it on your spliff; this concentrated cannabis resin might get you high af for twenty minutes and then leave you with a headache if it’s not top quality.

29. Gravity Bong: A homemade, artisan water bong that uses gravity to pull the smoke into the chamber; fitting for parsimonious herbivores who want the maximum hit with minimum greens

*Advanced Placement: Poland Spring Juggers, Kegs

30. Chillum: Favorited by Hindu monks and holy men in India. Basically, a bowl without a hole.

31. Shower Steam: A dorm room stoner favorite. Remember AP Chemistry? Hot air rises, cold air sinks, so smoke + steam = out the vents. A sure way to not get caught by your RA. 

32. Vaporizer: Adopted nationwide by #wellnessinfluencers, but has a long history preceding it. Using less direct heat, you can expect a cleaner, more even high that your lungs will later appreciate.

33. Tin Foil Pipe: Another dirty DIY; high on carcinogens, low on effort. If you’ve done this more than once, DM us, for the love of God, we will send you a bong.

34. Moon Rocks: You may see homeshopping ads on interdimensional cable. Nugs dipped in honey oil and rolled in kief. To infinity and beyond!

35. Tea, Infused Water & Other Drinks: Drink your high, with no cottonmouth. 

36. Dabs: Not for the faint-hearted, dabbing is heating concentrated doses of cannabis on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaling through a dab rig. A high-end crack pipe (jk).

*Advanced Placement: #710 (it means OIL spelled upside down lol)

37. Pills or Capsules: When nature meets modern medicine- comes in both THC and CBD forms.

38. Chewing Gum: Burn calories and tone your jaw while getting high! A fast acting edible because of the extra saliva membranes that are activated when chewing. Don’t swallow.

39. Suppositorie: A power bottom favorite, just stick it up. Douching suggested, but not required.

40. Steamroller: When a dildo meets a test tube; a true quickie hit penetrates your lung! 

41. Lube: Best way to get high down under; okay really, it’s more of a massage oil but your sex life may reach new heights.

42. Straight to the Dome: Open your faceholes wide, pack the buds, (carefully) light, and lift off. Parental discretion strongly advised. Honestly, don’t do it. There are at least 41 better ways.