Boba Brown Chenille Arch Hoodie

  • Chenille Arch Logo Embroidery
  • Designed to mimic our favorite flowers 🧡💚 Orange Creamsicle
  • 3 tonal Jacquard embroidery 
  • 100% 500 gsm Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Signature Jo!nt Pocket 🪡

Our twist to a classic collegiate arch logo hoodie, infused with a little huff and puff from our favorite flowers. This hoodie is giving elevated normcore with a little spunk & funk - it's a masterpiece that says, "I enjoy the finer things in life and I can taste the terroir in my wine & w33d." This hoodie is a hug, the plush embrace of chenille while embodying the epitome of "collegiate chic meets herbal enthusiast." 

Cheat sheet

Machine Wash Friendly
Organic Cotton
Soft like Charmin
Cozy Fit
Adjustable Straps
Hang Dry

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