When it came to partnering with True Religion, the Sundae School team was stoked -- True Religion was iconic throughout their childhood and early adolescence for everyone both in the US and in Seoul. 

Both brands explore religion with a bit of tongue in cheek humor. After honing in on the messaging -- the seven days of creation in the biblical creation story -- the Sundae School team knew where to take it from there. 

Seven pairs of jeans (all one of one) for each of the seven days leading up to Sunday, weaving together the identity and voices of both brands by working with vintage True Religion items from the vault and adding a Sundae School twist. 

For inspiration, Sundae School drew from a source they knew well: themselves. 

Sundae School's first collection, "Chapter 1: Genesis," was centered around examining cannabis culture through the lens of the genesis story. 

Along with denim, the collection with True Religion also features tees, both classic white and tie dye, featuring Sundae School's Ten Commandments on the back so you can spread the Sundae gospel. 

The collection is available to shop here.