For Sundae School’s Fall Collection, Back to School, Design Director Jonathan Lee led the design team in emphasizing oversized silhouettes with adjustable bungee cords so you can be your own tailor.



Here, he reimagined the classic white collared button down shirt by cropping it, adding bungee cords so wearers could adjust how cinched they want the waist and arms to be. Meanwhile, the bojagi (보자기 ) zip off cargo pants feature a bungee waistband and a bungee closure for each of their four pockets. In Korean, "bojagi"refers to the money bags -- so by putting big money pockets on your pants, we're saying we hope you get rich. 



And we're all about range here, so you can zip the cargos off at the knee for that extra airflow, or if you feel like styling them as shorts. 

One of the standout pieces in this collection is the pleated jeogori bomber jacket, which references a former Sundae School hit : the jeogori bomber. This time around, pleat detailing was integrated into the back, along with ruching along the sleeves. 



The sleek puffer fencing vest is an entirely new design, riffing off the classic fencing vest. With an asymmetrical zipper that nods to traditional jeogori wrap tops, and in a sleek shark grey, it's the ideal transitional weather piece to style however you're feeling that day. 




Fall marks the beginning of leather jacket season, so Jonathan toyed with the concept of a school blazer by making a leather version, with the option to cinch at the waist. 



In Korea, 동대문 (Dongdaemun, aka DDM) is a popular marketplace that doesn't have merch -- so, we made our own beanies.  Since white shirts are so ubiquitous in school uniforms, we added another variation: a poplin white button down, with buttons at an angle.  



As much as we love our tailored garms, though, we all know one of the best things from the school gift shop is the sweats. They're a blend of the millenials on Sundae School and the Gen Z. The former were inspired by ASCII art and brown, the color of the 90s they grew up with, and the saying "don't f*ck with cats" is a standing inside joke between besties Dae and Gia. Meanwhile, the Gen Z team members included their current obsessions: the color brown and saying "purrr." 



We'll leave you with a little language lesson: in Korean, "양아치 " (yangarch) means delinquent, hoodlum, etc. Yang (양) can also mean sheep, though, and arch (아치) sounds like arch. So we made sheep in an arch, with a black sheep for all our fellow black sheep out there. 


Executive Director: Dae Lim, Audrey Bark, Gia Kim
Producer: Christina Kim
Production Manager: Brain Park
Photographer: Michelle Corvino
Stylist: Von Ford
Makeup Artist: Melanie Chang
Graphic Designers: Audrey Bark, Vivian Choe, Corinne Ang, Haeok Shin, Kwangmoo Lee