New Year's day of 2017, I was taking pulls from a (smuggled) vape pen in my childhood room in Gangnam, Korea attempting to calm my mid-20s angst. I had just left corporate America a few months prior and learned the hard way  that all that glitters is not gold – in fact,  oftentimes it’s shit) – and I had no idea what to do next. My mom came into my pitch black room to give me a new year’s sermon (lecture?) , and while I was actively trying to block out her voice, my high ass thought: “What if God is Korean? What if She smoked weed everyday to create this world?” My mom turned the light on and a voice inside my head said: 빛이 있으라 – “Let there be light.” And that was Genesis. 

They say kids grow up quickly and while I’m far from even thinking about human kids, it’s been incredible watching Sundae School grow. Our mission to globalize and contextualize weed has remained the same, except now we’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) that we have to plan ahead instead of winging shit like we did in school. We’ve graduated from a windowless living room operation in Brooklyn to a proper office and warehouse space in Los Angeles. While our fits have always been inspired by weed, we now are finally selling weed, too.

All of this would not have been possible without you -  our sinisterhood of traveling spliffs, our community, our family. We are evolving because of you - your feedback has allowed us to grow from bb  terps into a blooming flower. Thank you for always riding with us, and, more importantly, rolling with us. Remember, you are not a silent observer, sitting in the back - you are what makes Sundae School. 감사합니다.