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White/Green Puff Ddul Logo T-Shirt

Cheat Sheet
  •  떨 means love
  • jk it means w33d in korean
  • perfect for thanksgiving to 
  • shock your mom and your grandma 
  • jk they won't know what Ddul means
  • Our logo is a mix of Geum badge (Seal of Korean Congress / Lawmakers) 
  • with the word 떨 in the middle 
  • the irony here 😂 w33d being demonized by the authority 
  • But our mission is to globalize w33d
  • and give the flower the authority it deserves 
  • Puff-Puff screenprinted logo 
  • Colorway inspired by mother nature

100% Cotton 

Designed in California 

Made in Korea, Printed in Los Angeles