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Washed Grey Let There Be Light T-Shirt

Cheat Sheet
  • Quick high history lesson for y'all
  • Long long time ago when tigers used to smoke
  • There was a tiger and a bear that lived in a cave
  • One day, the holy spirit told them - 
  • If you eat mugwarts and garlic for 100 days w/o light
  • You will become human - and they were up 4 the challenge
  • But tiger was a st0ner, and needed light to inhale
  • So only the bear became human, aka Ungnyu 
  • Who is the mutha of Korea bc she and the spirit 
  • made babies and gave birth to 단군 (Dan Gun) 
  • who is the founding father of Korea
  • aka Krn Jeezy 
  • This hoodie is inspired from the mythology 
  • and celebrates the tiger mom whom we wish to sm0k3 with 
  • Period


100% Cotton / 400 gsm heavyweight terry 
Fits True to Size - Model image is for Fit Reference ONLY
Artwork by Kai / Designed in California
Made in Korea