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[PRE-ORDER] Dancheong Fleece Zip Up

    • of the famous Tinx fleece @itsmetinx (she's wearing a M)
    • Taking pre-orders till Sundae 21st
    • Ship-out Date: Approx. 4/19 **(may be couple days early/late)
      • Dancheong literally means Cinnabar + Blue Green in Korean
      • Its found on roofs of temples or Korean palaces
      • and used to take ages for artisans to paint! 
      • We added an easter egg in our own print, by adding
      • the Devil's lettuce here and there, but it's
      • pretty subtle like hide and seek ;) 
      • Each item is made of Dancheong hand-printed on thick fleece
      • With beige pocket overlay for your safekeeping. 
      • Made in Seoul, South Korea. 

        Toby is 180cm (5’11) and 60kg. He is wearing a Medium.