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Mineral Wash Grey Spliff Squad T-Shirt

Cheat Sheet
  • Every city we go 
  • There seems to be a different spl33f ratio 
  • in Korea, its 90 tobacco 10 w33d 
  • in NYC & The Bay, its 50/50 
  • in LA if you spl33f you get spat on 
  • But i feel the rush 
  • addicted to your touch! 
  • Our mascot - Ho Range (호랑이) illustrated by our own
  • Corinne Ang who just turned 24!!
  • Period 
  • Signature Jo!nt pocket for your stash 
  • Vintage cracked screen print
  • or golf pencils if you are a korean ajussi 

100% Cotton 

Designed in California 

Made in Korea, Printed in Los Angeles