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Brushstroke Kiwa Terry Polo Shirt

Cheat Sheet
  • when we were little
  • and visiting family in Korea
  • we loved drawing the scenery around us
  • haven't been home in a while
  • and realized our doodles
  • 1) were sick af
  • 2) reminded us of those trips
  • so we printed them onto
  • terry polo shirts
  • for you to wear as you lounge
  • by the pool or the beach
  • (or on your couch post mochi gummy)
  • Flower printed collar buttons
  • 85% Terry Cotton, 15% Polyester
  • Designed in California 
  • Each piece will have its unique print since they have been randomly printed on the garment
  • You will notice smudging but don't stress- these details are intentional and are meant to add to the storytelling of this garment