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Ivory Smoking Tiger Long Sleeve Shirt

Cheat Sheet
  • This is part two of the story
  • If you landed here first, go to the Let There Be Light Hoodie first
  • and do some required reading
  • NEways, after the bear became the Mother of Korea, 
  • the tiger did not feel any animosity. She wasnt jelly bc 
  • Comparison is thief of joy and 
  • They would rather enjoy the top shelf gr@ss
  • than to be s0ber and eat garlic and mugwarts for 100 days 
  • But the tiger was v ronrey - they had lost her best friend 
  • But then a little bird flew in from the sky & said 
  • Hey - I can light your pipe 4 u! 
  • It was love at first sight, and a little birdie told us
  • that they are still besties! 
  • My LA bestie's grandma's elderly center drew this
  • artwork for us and she was like
  • Ma - Ri - Juan - Na??? at first, but she actually ended up
  • Taking 1/4 of the mochi with us and that is 
  • the NRG we hope that carries with you when you wear this

100% Cotton / Heavyweight Double brushed Cotton 
Fits True to Size - Model image is for Fit Reference ONLY
Artwork by Hwang Yang Soon / Designed in California
Made in Korea