Denim Yang-Arch Trucker Hat

  • Embroidered graphic on front panel
  • 90% Polyester / 10% Polyurethane / Distressed Denim 100% Cotton 
  • Designed in California / Made in Korea

Are you a high-achieving degenerate? If so, Welcome to the sinisterhood of black sheeps. Keep your head high and look like you drive a truck but youre actually driving Tesla. Also Korean 101: 양아치 (Yang-arch) means black sheep -- aka us issa pun bc 양 (yang) also means sheep and (아치) sounds like we put our inside joke onto a hat to share with the other black sheep out there. 
Suggested use cases:
- heading to H Mart to pick up ingredients
- going thrifting
- afternoons getting high

Cheat sheet

Adjustable Straps
Hand Wash
Hang Dry

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