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Blue Cheetah Mask

  • /New/ Niela Mask: the fiercest, most breathable mask we've made
  • Lined with UV-coated antimicrobial deodorant high-density fiber
  • Water-resistant and 98% filtration test score for fine dust!
  • Sweat doesn't stay on this fabric, so say good bye to maskcne
  • BLACK INSIDE LINING (like your heart and maybe your lungs) 
  • So even if you beat your face with make-up it won't smudge as much
  • No more being embarrassed to unmask (unless you just got Botox)
  • Wash it 70 times and it retains its function by 99.9% 
  • As Raven would say, its Cheetahlicious! 
Cheat Sheet
Soft on Skin
Water Resistant
UV Coated
Hand Wash