If you had to choose, head or body high?

  • Do you know how to roll?

  • Does smoking make you nostalgic?

  • What are you more likely to reminisce about?

  • Which adjective best describes your median high experience?

  • Do you care if people know you're high?

  • Do you prefer to smoke alone or in a group?

  • Which high activity sounds the most fun?

  • Does smoking ever give you anxiety / paranoia?

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    The Appropriator

    You only “smoke with the locals” at [insert weed destination here]. You may or may not have gotten braids on the beach and posted an instagram with the caption “high life” but actually you just took half a hit. It’s okay, we all start somewhere.

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    The Forever Dorm Room Stoner

    We see those dryer sheets stacked on your desk. Maybe you’re in a dorm room hoping the RA wouldn’t notice, or you’re an expecting dad hoping your wife doesn’t know because she’ll get mad you smoked without her. Either way, conceal and carry on.

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    The Anxious Andy

    Your heart beats faster, mind rushes, and the FBI may or may not be coming to find you. Just kidding. Avoid high THC strains, and try high-CBD strains such as ACDC or Charlotte’s Web.

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    The Horny Stoner

    Best companion to THC is TLC (Tender lube & care). Whether it’s for oral fixation, stress relief, or to feel yourself a little more, weed is your aphrodisiac. Pair it with some sexy throwback beats by Musiq Soulchild, and try out cannabis lube if you want to take your sensations to the next level.

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    The Stealth Stoner

    People think you are a high performing ninja. Little do they know, you may actually be high when you are performing. You may have just started a new job or are running for office, so you smoke in stealth. If anyone asks, borrow Clinton’s classic line from 92, “I didn’t inhale!”

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    The Yellowstoner

    No, you don’t have to be asian to be a yellowstoner. You love being active outside, especially with weed. You are probably watching Planet Earth or talking to your dog right now.

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    The Philosopher

    To toke or not to toke, that is the question, yet you are probably wondering about why you are even breathing. Don’t worry about why, just breath in and inhale. You are our favorite type of a stoner, but we will cap your speaking time if you start to ramble.

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    The Solo Stoner

    You are an army of one, at least when you toke. Whether it is reflecting on your day or giggling at dirty memes, your high is a private experience when you connect with yourself. You go glen coco!

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    The Honor Roller

    Your GPA is 4.20 - You’re an honor roll student/stoner. You are the designated joint roller amongst your friends, and will judge anyone who roll chodes. You go girl, keep on doing you.

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    The Snorlax

    If you are reading this, you’re probably not high because you’re awake! Toking is your bedtime ritual, even more effective than porn. Just make sure to brush your teeth and sleep tight.

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    You Failed.

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