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Dancheong Fleece Zip Up

Cheat Sheet
  • a little culture lesson here
  • dancheong literally means Cinnabar + Blue Green in Korean
  • dancheong is a millenia old art form that exists in temple ceilings
  • think Sistine Chapel but psychadelic and geometric
  • it's found on roofs of temples or Korean palaces
  • and used to take ages for artisans to paint!
  • we added an easter egg in our own print, by adding
  • the Devil's lettuce here and there
  • but it's pretty subtle like hide and seek 
  • we made these last year, but upgraded them for 2022
  • the Fabric we printed on is soft, like that expensive 3-ply TP at your therapist


  • 100% Polyester
  • Designed in California 
  • Made in Korea