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Tiger Butterfly Fleece Jacket

Cheat Sheet

Pop a mochi & and imagine this:
U r a tiger butterfly that just popped out of a cocoon
But it’s winter and cold outside and the world is covered in white snow
And you miss your cozy cocoon, the comfort of home
well this fleece is ur cocoon to h!gher education (and recreation)
this yellow color is special
Our fashion team was skeptical first bc yellow generally does not look great on azns
But this yellow hits diff - yellow never looked better on yellow 💛
You are butter🧈, you are fly 🪰you’re a butterfly 🦋

(This is a thesis piece of our winter collection - a story of metamorphosis - where a yellow butterfly is born, but it’s in winter and the world is covered in snow. As the white snow piles on and drags the butterfly down into the ground, she finds a special 🌷filled with 💨 and brushes off the ❄️ to find her true colors 💛. This is a lil ode to all the azns out there who were never sure of their identities. You’re a butterfly, fly high ✈️)


100% Polyester shell

95% Polyester 5% Spandex lining

Nylon contrast pocket with patch 

Corduroy elbow patches + button tab 


Designed in California

Made in Korea