Blue $moking Shirt

  • Blue is the warmest color 💙
  • Because its the color of $moke 💨
  • Actually its not, $moke doesn't have colors 
  • But we imagine it to be
  • This shirt was not our favorite when we designed it 🤨
  • But when it came out we were shook
  • Because it became our favorite shirt! 😍
  • So smooth the rayon has got my slay on
  • P.S. People used to call me egghead and I was embarrassed 🥚???
  • But as I got older I discovered 찜질방 Soft boiled egg (i.e., Ajitama) and I was like...
  • Dude if this is what my head is shaped like I'm in 😎🥚🙌
  • Easy, Breezy, Caprese fit
  • Softer than 3-ply charmin'
  • Size details below
  • 100% Rayon
Cheat Sheet
Machine Wash Friendly
Soft like Charmin
Ethically Sourced

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