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[Made to Order] Gardening Technical Vest

Cheat Sheet

I have never been to the Korean Military
but I got h1gh one day and thought
what would I rock if I were to be
fighting and planting flower by the DMZ.
Definitely something with a lot of pockets
Always gotta stash those flowers and utensils.
Because U never know when Mx Anxiety is gonna hit u
Our factory rejected this bc it was 2 complicated
so that is why its made 2 order
It will take approximately 8 weeks but you know
you will be the chosen few who have these


Vented wraparound pockets

Mesh yoke

Adjustable straps at front and shoulders

Front buckle closure

Utility loops 


Cotton 59% / Polyester 29% / Nylon 12% 

Designed in California

Made in Korea 


Please note: This item is made to order in small batches by our team in Korea.  

Please allow 6-8 weeks after purchase for shipment.

Dank u for your patience 💚  Keep calm and puff puff pass~