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Pink Tie-Dye Pleats Mask

Cheat Sheet
  • PLEATS PLZZZZ!!! (⸃ ◡ ⸂)
  • But make it TIE-DYE
  • UV coated, breathable, and water-resistant 
  • Lined with UV-coated antimicrobial deodorant high-density fiber
  • Water-resistant and 98% filtration test score for fine dust
  • Sweat proof like dri-fit ~bye bye maskcne~
  • So no more smudgey mudgey makeup on ur mask
  • Don't forget 2 remove ur care label b4 use~
  • ⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️ Due to the nature of the tie-dyed fabric, each mask has its unique dye pattern. Your mask may differ from what is pictured here