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Black Everydae Antimicrobial Translucent Mask

$13 $10
  • The hottest mask in Seoul; Dubbed as "인싸마스크" a.k.a mask of the insiders
  • The most breathable mask in the market (said my mom) 
  • Semitransparent; slightly see thru
  • 4 layers of UV-coated antimicrobial deodorant high-density fiber
  • Satin Tape lined with adjustable bands 
  • 99% Water-resistant and Spit-proof
  • 98% filtration test score for fine dust (미세먼지)
  • Sweat doesn't stay on this fabric, so say good bye to maskcne
  • Don't forget 2 remove ur care label b4 use~
  • Wash it 70 times and it retains its function by 99.9% 
  • tbh have mild panic attacks when I can't find this mask 
  • and Gia our team member wore this mask and sang 2 hrs str8 during Kareoke
Cheat Sheet
Soft on Skin
Water Resistant
UV Coated
Hand Wash

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Extra Credit

Water Resistant (★≧▽^))★☆

To answer all of your spit-proof-sweat-proof-rain-proof-everything-proof needs. Our masks will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean and mask-ne free while keeping out any undesirable air droplets from the big scary world outside.


With our multi-layered design, Sundae School masks are easy to breathe in while you are running outside or spotting that hottie at the gym. You can be brave and try out indoor gyms while staying protected and wearing our masks like armor.


Except nothing gets past our masks. With a 98% filtration test score, our masks are tested and proven to keep out any unwanted visitors, bacteria, dust, viruses and all. You are safe in our hands -- and you are safe in our masks