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Black Everydae Antimicrobial Translucent Mask

Cheat Sheet
  • The hottest mask in Seoul; Dubbed as "인싸마스크" a.k.a mask of the insiders
  • The most breathable mask in the market (said my mom) 
  • Semitransparent; slightly see thru
  • 4 layers of UV-coated antimicrobial deodorant high-density fiber
  • Satin Tape lined with adjustable bands 
  • 99% Water-resistant and Spit-proof
  • 98% filtration test score for fine dust (미세먼지)
  • Sweat doesn't stay on this fabric, so say good bye to maskcne
  • Don't forget 2 remove ur care label b4 use~
  • Wash it 70 times and it retains its function by 99.9% 
  • tbh have mild panic attacks when I can't find this mask 
  • and Gia our team member wore this mask and sang 2 hrs str8 during Kareoke