Sundae School’s SS24 collection, "Out West," is inspired by the classic Journey to the West. Being a team of first and second generation immigrants who have migrated out west, this line is a tribute to the experiences of those who have journeyed to the promise land, reflecting their pursuit of peace and opportunity.

Rooted in the narratives of growing up feeling out of place in Korea, the collection explores the trials and temptations encountered along the way—academic pressures like the SAT and TOEFL, and the lures of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Tattoos and karaoke become forms of self-expression and resilience, serving as body armor in the face of these challenges.

Through these trials, a journey of self-discovery unfolds, where willpower and determination lead to personal enlightenment and success. A "cowboy in Seoul" embodies these immigrants' journey—a modern-day pilgrim forging a path in the new world, shaped by their unique cultural heritage and quest for belonging.

Creative Director: Audrey Bark @oduribak
Photographer: Jaewon Lee @leejaewonarchive
Makeup/Hair: Jeehyun Kim @riddlemakeup
Stylist: Jisoo Kim @_ji__sookim
Videographer: Hyunil Yoon @heypieday
Video Editor: Hee Eun Chung @heeeunchungg

Seungmin @seungmminn
Seung Hyeon Park @hyeonparks