Vocab of the Month: 너 T 야?
Pronounciation: nuh·tee·yah?
English Translation: Are You a T?

Description: MBTI (Myers-Briggs) has been all the craze in Korea for the past few years. "T" means Thinking type (versus F which means Feeling type). You use this phrase when you are communicating with someone who is not really empathizing with your statement, but is rather being too logical. An example of T sort of behavior is when someone says "I'm gonna get a perm because I'm feeling down," and person with a T disposition would respond, "Why would you get a haircut because you're feeling down? Your biorhythms won't change unless you address the core issues of why you are feeling down..."Thats when you would say "너 T 야?" or "Are You a T?" Make sure to say it with a little bit of petulance by putting the accent on the 야 / yah. There are so many memes about this phrase right now:


Here's another explainer vid for further education.