If you’re like me, then you’re most definitely going through a lot of Sundae School tins ;) You may have them piled up in the corner of your desk or it's piling up in your trash can. FIRST OF ALL, you should know better to put those tins in your  recycling bin and not your trash can (BOMBASTIC SIDE-EYE).


My mom texted the group family chat one day and showed a photo of her using our tins to store her sewing needles (how freaking cute is that). If she can do it, so can you. So here are 10 ways to reuse and recycle all those tins!


  1. First one courtesy of mama: Create a mini sewing kit by filling the tin with needles, thread, any extra buttons you have lying around.
  2. First aid kits. Make mini emergency kits by filling them with matches, wipes, bandaids, and pimple patches bc you never know.
  3. Turn them into mini gift boxes by wrapping them in decorative paper and adding a small gift inside. Perfect for birthdays and other holidays like Mother’s Day.
  4. Pack them with your daily dose of joints for your on the go lifestyle. There's nothing worse than a crushed and ripped joint. Lighters also fit -- we can confirm that for you <3
  5. Got a bunch of those Le Lebo sample fragrances that you're trying out? Hate constantly losing them? Keep them all in the tins for easy quick access to smelling good again on the go. 
  6. When you have those loose cables lying around, store them away in our tins! 
  7. Turn them into mini wallets by adding a cute hinge and clasp and using them to store coins or dollar bills.
  8. Go fishing! Let your canister hold your fishing line, hooks, even bait.
  9. Use them as mini backpacks for your barbies and G.I. Joes by attaching straps made of ribbon or string :P
  10. Turn them into mini musical instruments by poking small holes and playing it like a flute, filling them with beans to make mini maracas, or bang it like a cow bell. Soon, you’ll have your own Sundae School praise band.
  11. Open it up and create a mini zen garden by filling the tin with sand or gravel and adding small rocks and a mini rake, don't forget the crystals.
  12. Turn them into mini birdhouses by adding a small hole with a perch, adding some bird seed, and hanging them outside.
  13. Use them as mini piñatas by filling them with mints, candy, or more eddies and break them open with a stick.