Sundae School
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Sundae School is a design studio and a craft [redacted] brand. We believe that through higher education and well-dosed experience, [redacted] can be the ultimate catalyst to maximize our creative potential. 

We started this brand in 2017 in a small corner room in Dongdaemoon, Seoul’s garment district. We had no experience in design and garment construction, but we were hi** and we were hungry to learn. Soon after, we returned back to New York and launched our inaugural collection titled “Chapter 1: Genesis” where we imagine a world where God is hi** every day during the creation process. 

Some time has passed since then, and we’ve evolved. We’ve showcased our line in NYFW, Paris, and Tokyo, had a [redacted] themed exhibition in Seoul, and sell our line globally. We also now sell [redacted] products in California. Sundae School is always evolving – we are a living moodboard and an higher education institution, pun fully intended. We were clearly hi** when we wrote this, and English is our second language, so please excuse any typos and syntax errors. 

감사합니다. 대원 미연 올림

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